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Our Secret Supply Of Jordans - Warehouses of Hot Kicks!

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Here at Crispykicks one of the most asked questions we get is:

"Where do you get your kicks from?"

Well the answer is everywhere. We do have some locally in stock to ship out, but most come from where they are made, in China.

The reason we have them cheaper then other people, is that we ship directly from where they are made, to you. So it does take a little longer, but we do pass on the savings to you, by having our shoes 50% cheaper then anyone else. We also get asked:

"Is this in stock?"

Well we do try to keep the most popular models in stock - such as the Retro Jordans XI's and older Retros, but email us if you want to double check, we will get back to you in a few hours.

Last question we get asked a lot is:

"How fast is shipping?"

And to be honest it will take at least two weeks for the shoes to get to your door, but we will do what we can to speed up your order! Also we keep our quality in check by only supplying 100% Authentic Goods. There are replicas, fakes, and B-Grades out there, and being shipped from China, but we are the only ones that offer a 100% money back guarantee if there are any problems, issues, or claims by you on your shoes.  We want to make you happy by giving you want you want, and by saving you money.


We are the only site to have the best prices, plus a money back guarantee on everything we sell.  Have any questions about our products, our guarantee, or our products?

We would love to hear from you - please email us at

Thanks for checking us out
- Mick Jones

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